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Maui: Disney Infinity

I'm not sure how this image got out on the internet, but yes its true. Maui and Moana were supposed to be infinity figurines. I found this render on various websites. Maui and Moana were scheduled to be in the Disney Infinity lineup...but they were cancelled right before they were started on the production line. We do have the toy prototype and they were gonna be truly awesome. Maui was huge and thick. Maybe after the film releases, I will post up my actual renders and 3d print pictures.
Just a side note: In the image with both Maui and Moana, you can clearly see that Maui's tatoo's are unpainted. I had to bump them out so that they were easier to color for the paintmaster. Also, when the toy parts were printed, look at Maui's hairline (compared to render)...the hair didn't even match up and makes him look like he is balding. ha ha. Just a little funny note.
Maui character model by BAllen. Moana character model by MThorup.